Applied Gravity

Dr. H.Richard Schulz

For ZLS Burris and LaCoste&Romberg gravity meters:

We can perform all the adjustments described in the manual.

We can check the drift behaviour of the gravity meter.

Determination of the gravity meter scale with different calibration lines are possible.


For ZLS Burris gravity meters:

We can check the raw data of the gravity meter, wether these are sent properly.

Adjust parts of the calibration table in case of irregularities. *

We are able to optimize the control algorithm of the gravity meter.*

A detail review of the 50 mGal feedback on specific gravity base stations is possible.

* Applies only when using the PC control software AGESfield



You can bring your gravity meter yourself in and pick it up yourself. It eliminates the improper treatment by third and it remains heated.

Some several work can be done at your office, so the transportation is eliminating entirely.

It is possible to make a service contract with us. In that case you have no worry about anything else. You have just a working gravity meter.


Only regular inspections guaranteed

the high accuracy of a gravity meter.


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