Applied Gravity

Dr. H.Richard Schulz

We are a highly specialized and qualified geoscience office. Our main focus is applied gravity.

We optimized the various work processes of data collecting that we can achieve a fast and reliable processing of all terrestrial gravity tasks. In case of our own AGESfield software, we are able to start the data optimising in the first step of the fieldwork.

We use a calibrated ZLS Burris gravity meter with a dial-motor and with a bluetooth remote control module. This gravity meter is regular updated by the ZLS  corporation.

We use only approved ThoughbooksTM in the field. So we have all data just in time. We can start the data processing at same computer directly after the end of the measurements.

Through the use of a calibrated gravity meter with a working range of 7000 mGal we are able to offer our gravity measurements world wide.

Our engagement led to the short slogan:

We do not make also gravimetry, but only gravimetry

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